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Welcome to the most dangerous place on Earth. No air. Complete darkness. Immense pressure. Bizarre creatures. No chance of survival.
We’ve recovered these 16 tales of terror from the bottom of the vast ocean depths by some of the best new voices in indie horror. So take a trip with us on the open sea and get a glimpse at the horrors lurking in the deep. These tales will leave you thinking twice before booking your next cruise. . .
This collection includes brand-new stories by:
Angel Van Atta, Chad West, Charlie Walls, D.W. Hitz, Derek Heath, Gage Greenwood, Heather Ann Larson, Joshua MacMillan, Leigh Kenny, LM Kaplin, Megan Stockton, Ollie Gill, Patrick McNulty, Rhonda Bobbitt, RJ Roles, and Wil Forbis


Ruby’s Cube

by: Lyla Diamond

Superhero Adventure

This was a very thought out book, the publisher had posted in a reader group and I just had to grab it. Rubik’s cube’s are my son’s favorite thing currently and he was very attentive the whole time.

ARC Reviewer

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Best Selling Book

Fang Fiction

by: LM Kaplin

Vampire Horror Stories

LM Kaplin’s debut release is the exception proving the rule… and I loved it

Derek Thomas ARC Reviewer

LM Kaplin

LM Kaplin

Featured Author

LM Kaplin is an author from upstate New York who has been an avid reader and lover of all things horror his entire life.